Total Recall Hoooters Venusville, Mars T Shirt

by on September 30, 2011

In case you need a refresher on Total Recall, starring the ever impressive, Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s gotta do some crazy sci-fi stuff, including going to Mars. And, on Mars, there are three-breasted women. I have included a Youtube video that shows you what I’m talking about (tastefully, of course…the real naughty bits are covered).

But, really, what I need to tell you is that this Hoooters Venusville, Mars T Shirt is pretty funny, so you need to get it. People will be amused on the surface because it’s a Hooters shirt with three boobs. But, then, if you run into a Total Recall fan, well, you may be in physical danger when they see this thing, because they may lose all faculties of reason as they’re overwhelmed with the awesomeness.

Seven Hundred lovingly designed this shirt, which is available at Red Bubble.

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