Top Gun Goose T Shirt

by on December 9, 2010

It’s sad as shit when Goose dies in Top Gun, and Tom Cruise, as Maverick, emotes the hell out of the scene when he’s mourning the passing of his wing buddy. In fact, it’s getting a little dusty in here as I type this.

Hey, Harold Faltermeyer wrote the score for Top Gun, but they never released it. One of the compositions was Goose’s Death/Goodbye Goose, and this little image montage is set to that music. Very touching.

It’s a little devious that Headline Shirts knows that the archetypal friendship that plays out in Top Gun reaches deep into the emotions of every man, woman, and child in the world, and, that when they see this shirt, they’re going to remember that cinematic bond, and they’re going to be compelled by forces they can’t control to get the Top Gun Goose T Shirt. Pretty slick marketing psychology going on here. Not to debase that Maverick-Goose bond. It was real and the emotions you feel when you see this shirt are real, and you just have to go with the actions you feel deep down in your heart you must take, including pulling out that maxed out credit card and just praying that one more purchase goes through.

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