Thunder Cats T Shirt

by on September 13, 2011

This is what they call a mashup in the business. The Cats look and feel mixed with the Thunder Cats name. Of course, you’re a well-person and love both Broadway musicals and animated television programming from the 80s. That’s why this Thunder Cats T Shirt is straight up your alley (that’s like an outdoor “Cat” reference). Busted Tees showing a lot of range here, and a bit of moxie, because, you know, what if there aren’t a lot of people that dig both pieces of entertainment. They may have niched themselves out of a profitable shirt.

Of course, only time will tell the story of this important time in our funny t shirt history.

I’d drop a Thunder Cats Youtube clip right about now, but apparently the Thunder Cat estate doesn’t like the embedding thing. You’ll have to go to Youtube your own self.

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