This Shit Writes Itself William Shakespeare T Shirt

by on September 29, 2010

Well, it’s easy for a man of Shakespeare’s talents to think that the shit just writes itself. I mean, since he’s totally in the flow, doing what he was put on earth to do, it probably felt like it was just flowing out of his pen without any sort of thought of effort.

But, genius can be mistaken in this regard. His brain was the one that took in the sights of life and formulated clear thinking and then was able to take that cut through the bullshit perspective and put it into words on paper. That is fantastic and Billy was one of the best. Still, it’s funny, in the parlor, over drinks, to laugh about the master craftsman thinking in such coarse terms, which is why you should get this shirt.

Tell me This Shit Writes Itself William Shakespeare T Shirt wouldn’t start a terrific convo at your next chocolate and cheese party. You can’t.

Here’s what Headline Shirts has to say about this business:

“Yup, I make up a bunch of schmancy words for linguists to guffaw over, toss in a few ‘haths’ and ‘doths’ for the drama majors, and — BAM! — instant classic every time. Seriously, there have been entire college courses taught about stuff I basically wrote on the crapper. Tellin’ you, this shit writes itself.”

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