This One Goes to 12 Volume Knob Tshirt

by on May 25, 2010

The amp in This is Spinal Tap goes to 11, because it’s that bad ass. But, you know what? That movie was in 1984. 26 years ago. It’s time to take it to even a higher level. Are you with me on this? Can you feel it? If so, then you definitely need to rock the This One Goes to 12 Volume Knob T-shirt.

It seems like such a simple concept. Going from 11 to 12, but those that really have knowledge know that 11 was monumental and 12…well 12 was like cavemen thinking about landing on the moon. Almost outlandish, and know we have an opportunity for 12. What a miracle to live in these times. Technology has made some amazing leaps. Enjoy the ride people. Enjoy the ride.

Check out that Spinal Tap clip:

And the This is Spinal Tap IMDB page.

When it comes to taking the volume to a different level on funny shirts, Busted Tees stands on a Marshall stack alone.

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