The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger I Am Arnold’s Love Child T Shirt

by on May 25, 2011

The inseminator knocks up the help and nobody knows about it for like 10 years. Wowza. Maria Shriver finds out and drops him like it’s hot. After a 10 or 20 minute period of sadness, both of them will be back on their feet and going after their goals like never before. Good for them.

Now, about the I Am Arnold’s Love Child T Shirt. This is funny stuff. Would you agree? Got a little of the Terminator DNA in there. I also like the details that Deez Teez added, including the freckles and the parted hair.

This is a top notch tee for anybody with sophisticated pop culture tastes. Hey…I was just oxymoronic, and I liked it.

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