The Proper Way to Use Chopsticks T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on December 26, 2011

That sushi roll has been stabbed! Oh what the chopstick purists must think about this one. It’s like a deep wound. An affront to the proper etiquette tenets. I want to be the person that cries “foul” at this atrocity, but I’m strangely attracted to its menace.

What do you think about this The Proper Way to Use Chopsticks T Shirt? Do you want to buy one and burn it out of principle or do you want to buy it and wear it as a badge of individuality. Those are the two options and you have to choose. Right now!

The employees at Snorg Tees only eat hamburgers and fish sticks, so you must forgive them for their indiscretions.

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