The Office Dunder Mifflin T Shirt

by on October 5, 2010

Another TV shirt that we’ve seen before. Of course, if you don’t make the rounds in the tshirt world like I do, maybe you don’t know that everybody and their sickly nephew sells this particular tee referencing the American version of The Office staring Steve Carell. In that case, you’re probably ecstatic that you’ve uncovered a gem, and for this I applaud you, and I don’t want to harsh your buzz.

Instead, I’ll encourage you to take bold action and pick up this Dunder Mifflin T Shirt, because you deserve it.

Want inspiration? How about Craig Robinson singing a Dunder Mifflin jingle:

And the lyrics:

Outta paper, outta stock
There’s friendly faces around the block
Break loose from the chains that are causing you pain
Call Michael, Stanley, Jim, Dwight, and Creed
Call Andy and Kelly for your business paper needs
Call Dunder Mifflin
People Persons Paper People!
Dunder Mifflin
People Persons Paper People!

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