The Movie Was Better T-shirt

by on June 29, 2010

Nice turning a snobbish phrase on its head. Although it does imply that you read the book, so you’re not a total meat head caveman. The other cool thing about this lovely shirt is that it has one of those clapperboards. You know on the DVD with the raw, unedited, bonus material footage, where they say scene 14 take 4 and clap it down. That’s what this shirt’s design is alluding to and that’s cool, ‘cuz it’s all about the cinema.

If your willing to go against the stream and speak from the heart and tell it like it is when the movie is better than the book, then you have no choice but to pick up this little The Movie Was Better Tshirt right now. Don’t wait, because delay is for big fat losers that read too much.

Busted Tees was the hottest name in Hollywood in the mid-90s, picking up all the plum roles.

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