The Hangover II Bangkok Smoking Monkeys and Ladyboys T Shirt

by on June 14, 2011

Hey if you haven’t seen the movie you need to see the movie. The Hangover II does not disappoint as the sequel to one of the biggest comedy hits in history. Instead of Vegas, we’re talking the more exotic Bangkok. Yes! Of course, this Bangkok Smoking Monkeys and Ladyboys T Shirt is in direct reference to some dialogue spoken by one of the characters describing what goes on at the new local. Ha ha. I haven’t seen this damn movie are you kidding me. I’m saving it. I want the desire to build the the pressure in a blister. Yes!

Deez Teez proves it can put out the comedy movie t shirts with the best of them. Get it!

Discover the most spectacular The Hangover II T Shirts ever known to mankind.

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