The Giving Pledge: Heirs Banding Together to Stop the Madness

by on August 4, 2010

from the Los Angeles Times:

“Warren Buffett and Bill Gates say they’ve gotten pledges from 38 other super-rich Americans to give most of their wealth away to charity or other philanthropic causes during their lifetimes or at their death.”

That’s a lot of pissed kids losing a significant part of their inheritance. Buffett is giving away 99% of his wealth and the rest have pledged at least 50 percent. I can see tears flowing as Barbara Walters interviews the adversely affected who have watched millions and millions flushed down the charitable drain. I mean how inefficient are non-profits? Actually, I hear Gates and Buffett run pretty tight charitable ships, so this may be good after all. Just not for the spoiled little progeny.

The Snorg Tees billionaire founders plan on putting some of their change in the hat of that busker on the corner…only if he plays that 13th Floor Elevators song that has that boopity boopity boop sound in it. Oh wait, that was all their songs.

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