The Dish Ran Off with the Spoon T Shirt

by on May 24, 2008

Fork is shocked. Plate and spoon in bed tshirt.Oh, man that’s painful to see. The dish ran away with a very, very smug spoon. Fork is in shock. He was so excited to arrive at dish’s place with the heart-shaped headboard. Doing everything textbook. Box of chocolates, bouquet of roses and extra curling wax on the mustache. And what happens? He walks in on this – the afterglow. But, you know what? Dish doesn’t deserve fork. Fork will land on his feet, no doubt. He’s a standup guy. Dish and spoon truly deserve each other – they are the low of the low. Still, this just hurts to witness.

Support the fork. Show the fork you care. Get this dish ran of with the spoon tee and wear it in solidarity.

Here it is on the street:

Dish ran off with the spoon tshirt

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