The Big Lebowski White Russian T-shirt

by on August 3, 2011

Want to feel important? You can be a walking cocktail book Lebowski style. Don’t worry these “Caucasians” aren’t only for Caucasians, this shirt is good for fan White Russian or Lebowski fan. Vodka, then coffee liquor goes into a glass. Don’t have any fancy cream? Just half-ass it with some half-and-half.

Lay back and take it easy. Stare down at your shirt and memorize the perfect breakfast drink. Friends might even promote you to the Dude like rank of official bartender. White Russians used to be out of style, so it is your duty as a follower of The Big Lebowski to wear the shirt with pride and honor. Revival of this lord like drink is at the epicenter of Dude culture. The modern dude must continue this tradition. Now, get out there and find yourself a White Russian T-shirt!

Props to the TV Store Online for making the shirt available to all of us.

Before you get stumble down drunk, take a look at this very important list of the top Big Lebowski T Shirts.

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