The Big Lebowski Walter Sobchack/John Goodman Mark it zero, dude T Shirt

by on July 30, 2011

Wow! John Goodman! Finally a shirt for my favorite actor, in probably greatest role. There! That should get the ball rolling. ( Sorry-that one actually took me by surprise.)

I personally think Walter Sobchack got all the best lines-even over Jeff Bridges. This is a nice image-aviator shades and all. A nice way to let everyone know that, in a world of compromise, you still have standards.

The face’s printed on a nice off-grey tee; be honest that’s what most of your clothes end up as anyway, so no need to start sorting laundry now. Get the Mark It Zero, Dude T Shirt right now.

If bowling alleys still exist, it’d be worth throwing a free-style bowling bash for the express purpose of wearing this shirt.

TV Store Online is the place to go, evidently, for video-philes. Gee, I wonder if they have the Fargo wood-chipper sno-globe?

The Big Lebowski T Shirts that threaten to take over the Internet.

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