The Big Lebowski “Abide” Shield T SHIRT

by on July 31, 2011

dude abide t shirt The Big Lebowski Abide Shield T SHIRTbuy now button yellow The Big Lebowski Abide Shield T SHIRTThe Dude is running for President in 2012! Well, maybe you can’t count on that happening…but you can always be certain that “the dude abides” with this classic Big Lebowski T-shirt.

No matter your political persuasion, you can still enjoy the laid back attitude of the dude’s Lebowski with this epic t-shirt. It features Jeff Bridges as “the dude” in his infamous role in The Big Lebowski on a shield telling you to “ABIDE” by the ways of the dude. With this T-shirt, you could strike out every bowling game with infinite finesse. Or you could just have a great T-shirt that your friends will find hilariously apt to your dude-like personality. Either way you should certainly re-acquaint yourself with the relaxed ideals of the dude by letting your other T-shirts take a vacation, so that you can have quality bonding time with your new favorite T-shirt.

Keep an eye on your rug and check out  the Big Lebowski “Abide” T-shirt by TV Store Online.

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