That’s How I Roll Tshirt

by on June 4, 2008

That\'s How I Roll TshirtThis tshirt from Crooked Monkey brings me back to gym class calisthenics back in third grade. Not totally fond memories, since my tumbling, somersault technique was weak. It was always a lumpy, bumpy ride with me, like I didn’t have enough tuck and I’d get stuck with all the pressure on the top of my head. Then, it was sort of a crash to the ground. But I was tryin’. On the bright side, I wore the stylin’ short shorts, had a bowl haircut, went to Sunday school every weekend, and let everyone know my farmer’s tan was the real deal, while wearin’ my “vintage” ringer tees with the skimpy sleeves.

I probably say, “That’s How I Roll” in my day-to-day far too much, but it’s an answer with gravitas sufficient for any who, what, where, when and why questions that come your way. This is a fine shirt and I give it the Tshirt Groove stamp of big time approval. Get it on the double.

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