Taking the Long Road Home T Shirt

by on July 20, 2012

Get This Shirt From Tilteed

Tilteed is one of those short sale window sites, where to get the best deal you have to act quick. Right now they have a very odd shirt featuring a boomerang, which you may like if you’re into curved sticks and weirdness.

The design, by againstbound, has multiple panels, starting with the boomerang hanging by the side of a house. Then he takes flight, ending up in a bird nest in a tree. Then he’s at the movies eating popcorn. Then he’s riding a whale. Then he gets arrested. Then he’s hanging out on a cloud. Then he’s in a stomach. Then he’s super big, nearly the size of Earth. Then he’s cruising down a street, which presumably is his own. Then he’s writing some greeked up text. And, finally, the prodigal boomerang, is back home, except on the left side.

I’m pretty sure this is a devasting political message. I’ll let you know when I crack the code.

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