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Music T Shirts: There are a lot of shirts that reference bands, songs, and other musical wonderment. You have come to the right place to find them.

Look what you get with this Angry Birds Bird is the Word T Shirt. Three of the top birds, red, black and yellow, plus a nice reference to The Trashmen song Bird is the Word, which is spectacular and a classic and should be on everybody’s personal, digital music player. No lie.

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Rock Me Amadeus T Shirt

by on August 24, 2011

Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

Amadeus is totally destroying that keytar and that’s totally what Falco had in mind when he put this classic 80s song together. And that, my friend, who enjoys the finer things in life, is why you need to pick up the Rock Me Amadeus T Shirt post haste. Don’t keep Falco waiting or he might not let you star in his comeback tour video.

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Only 172.3 million people have seen the Party Rock Shuffling video by LMAO, so that’s not every man, woman and child on the planet but it’s damn close. Of course, about 14,000 people seem to have loaded up their own Shuffling video on Youtube, so basically this shuffling thing has taken over the Internet. It’s only right that Snorg Tees puts together a funny take on the meme, phenomenon, hotness, with this Playing Cards Everyday I’m Shuffling T Shirt.

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Nice little use of historical figure Marie Antoinette and a little twist on her famous quote: “let them eat cake.” Now, we’re saying “life to cake” or “long live cake” and we just happen to have the voluptuous image of Marie in the background. Of course, Headline Shirts created this Viva La Cake T Shirt as a current social commentary, as all of the money flows into the banking cartel and others in the top .1 percent of wealth possessors, and away from the middle class and lower class. Soon we’ll have some East Coast snobs singing “let them eat cake” as the lines snake around a mile long to grab the government issues five pound blocks of cheese.

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Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

Not sure how much the Andrew Jackson fan club will appreciate this switcherooni, but it’s high time Michael Jackson got his proper recognition on some money. There’s probably underlying meaning with this particular bill and pop singer, but I haven’t been sleeping enough and it’s not occurring the me. I mean there’s the Jackson connection. And, there was Jacko’s song, $20 bill, but other than that and the fact that MJ lured boys to Neverland Ranch with fistfuls of $20s are the only connections I’m making with this Michael Jackson 20 Dollar Bill T Shirt.

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If I want to pick up some dance moves and work on my pick up lines for the ladies I go directly to my New Kids on the Block Youtube channel, and learn. I feel so in touch with something when I watch those videos. Just can’t quite put my finger on it.

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Have you seen Deliverance. I don’t think I ever have if you can believe that. I’ve seen clips and pieces and bits, but I don’t think I have ever sat down and watched the entire thing. Still, it has a life of it’s own in my brain, because of the powerful scenes that have pervaded the cosmic consciousness. Banjos, canoes, rivers, the boonies and anal raping have never had the same perception since this movie came out.

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Wasn’t a big fan of The Social Network, but there were some engaging scenes, including this one in the club with Justin Timberlake as the Napster dude, Sean Parker, and Jesse Eisenberg, as the Facebook dude, Mark Zuckerberg. Sean just wants good things for Mark, including a business card that he can hand to VCs that says “I’m CEO Bitch.” Isn’t that all what we want for our friends. Anyways, that’s where this I’m CEO Bitch T Shirt is coming from, not a Dave Chappelle skit about Rick James.

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First off, if you pre-order this shirt with the code “TRAININGWHEELS” you get Free 2-day Domestic Shipping. So click the buy button on this Thumbs Up Everybody for Rock and Roll T Shirt and get a great shirt with free shipping on Busted Tees.

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Wordplay alert. Comin’ at you hot and heavy. Actually, it’s cool and breezy because it’s a fan. See there’s a metal fan on the shirt, but when someone wears the I’m a Huge Metal Fan T Shirt, the first thing you think of is “oh yeah, speed, death, heavy, old school.” And, I’m sure they’ll have an answer and will follow up with some of their favorites: Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath.

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Soul Surfer T Shirt

by on May 15, 2011

Here’s a movie about the surfer girl, Bethany Hamilton, who lost an arm to a shark while surfing, but decided it was a good idea to continue surfing.

Of course, Wikipedia says the term soul surfing cropped up in the 1960s as describing surfing for the shear pleasure of surfing. This was before bullshit billabong surf competitions. Or apparel lines. Or groupies. Surfing for surfings sake.

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What a pretentious bird we have on our hands here. Thinks he’s so smart. Knows obscure bands from the 60s…oh wait they played the Super Bowl just a while ago for God knows what reason, but he doesn’t watch sports so he doesn’t know that. He has a Magic Bus 45 and he thinks he’s discovered The Shit. Wait, ’til I blow all my other hipster friends’ minds. Oh wait…they’ll show no emotion through their just for looks horn-rimmed glasses. They’ll just say that’s nice and rifle through their satchel for nothing.

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