vintage-like-your-mother-tshirtEven when it’s just jokes, the stuff about your mother can get old. Some of it’s nasty…some in poor taste…some just mean spirited. That’s why I am endorsing Vintage Like Your Mother Tshirt, because it’s a totally positive message about how your mom may be old and nasty, but just like old and nasty clothes that get a second lease on life under the guise of vintage, your Mother can get a second chance at usefulness if I just where this tshirt to your mother’s house for all family get togethers.

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your-mother-was-a-hamster-tshirtNothing like quotes from classic comedies upon your chest. So, get thee to your wallet. Pull out your plastic and buy this shirt, you English pig dog. Boil your bottom. Of course, I’m French, where do you think I got this outrageous accent.

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The ultimate put down. You saw Napoleon Dynamite. You saw the devastation this gem wreaked on anyone around it. You wear this tshirt and everyone knows you mean business. No one messes with you. Just hope you don’t take down the innocent with the guilty. It’s that powerful.

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Freud was a well known prankster, josher and jiver. He messed with people’s heads. The fact that anybody ever took his shit seriously was a bafflement to him and anyone that ever spent more than five minutes with him. But, isn’t that the way sometimes. Some folks are just destined to go down in history.  Anyway, the story goes he’d get in these “psychological” discussion sessions with “clients” and would poke, prod and get folks just to bare their soul, then at the end he would say: “Thank you for being so open with me. My final diagnosis is…Yo Mama.”

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Mommy Drank Tshirt

by on June 5, 2008

Mommy Drank TshirtThis shirt seriously hit me upside the head. It takes a beat or two to sink in. That tough guy pose with the tatted digits is hoopty whirled on its head and all of a sudden we’re talking about a deformity that really shouldn’t be humorous at all, except that the violence on all those screens I stare at has desensitized me. Not to mention the rap music. And pointless slaughter of chickens to feed my craving for meaty legs.

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