Sigmund Freud Yo Mama T shirt

by on October 11, 2008

Freud was a well known prankster, josher and jiver. He messed with people’s heads. The fact that anybody ever took his shit seriously was a bafflement to him and anyone that ever spent more than five minutes with him. But, isn’t that the way sometimes. Some folks are just destined to go down in history.  Anyway, the story goes he’d get in these “psychological” discussion sessions with “clients” and would poke, prod and get folks just to bare their soul, then at the end he would say: “Thank you for being so open with me. My final diagnosis is…Yo Mama.”

Then, he would slap his knee and tell the “patient” to get the hell out of there with their whiny problems.

Crazy. Now that you know the truth, you should probably spread it far and wide with the help of this Yo Mama Freud tshirt.

Thanks for listening.

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