Holiday T Shirts

Holiday T Shirts: Xmas, Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patty’s Day and many more tees that capture the festivity of the season.


Hey, this is a great deal on some of the best shirts on the ‘Net. Get into the holiday mood…and fast. Snorg Tees ’tis the season sale – 15% off everything – ends Friday December 11, 2009. Hurry up and get some festivity in your life already.

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threadless-9-dollar-tees-holiday-saleThreadless keeps coming up with the holiday cheer and tomorrow is no exception. On December 6, 2009 starting at 10 AM Central Time U.S., Threadless will be offering the entire collection of awesome shirts for only $9 each.

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It’s not that you don’t want to go all out, but sometimes there comes a time in your life when the end of October rolls around and you’re short on time, money or inspiration to craft a worthy Halloween costume.

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kiss-my-ass-its-irish-tshirtHappy St. Patrick’s Day. Get out there, drink some green beverages, wear some green clothes, eat some green corned beef and eggs, and simply enjoy your Irish ass, even if you’re not of that ethnic persuasion.

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Merry Christmas!

Spend the time with family and friends. Laugh a lot. Eat a lot. Rub your belly a lot. And celebrate the youthful spirit. After you return all those horrid items from your out of touch aunts, uncles, grandparents, coworkers and parents, take that cash and spend it well…meaning buy the Don’t Stop Believin’ tshirt and where it every Holiday season for the rest of your life.

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Talk about a naughty Santa Claus tshirt. But I guess if you’re going to develop the type of free labor you need to make the North Pole enterprise feasible, you need to produce a ton o’ elves with Mrs. Claus. See the thing is the result of Mr. And Mrs. Claus’ conjugation was always diminutive people. Just a strange thing that always happened. Anyway, that workforce development has nothing to do with what’s going on here.

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Happy Festivus!

You’ve seen the Seinfeld episode “The Strike.” You’ve read the Daniel O’Keefe’s book The Real Festivus. And you know that Festivus is America’s favorite made up holiday and that it is celebrated on December 23.

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X-Mas Tshirt

by on December 22, 2008

x-mas-tshirtThis is what Santa looks like taking the festivity to New Orleans. Beads because he’s been showing things. Pacifier, because you have to let loose the inner baby, and the put your hands in the air like you don’t care party stance.

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i-dont-exist-santa-tshirtIt’s less than two weeks out from Xmas and it’s high time you start blowing little kids’ minds. I mean if they get a load of this tee, they are not going to know what to think. Of course, Santa exists! He comes every Christmas Eve and there are always presents under the tree when we get up way too early on Christmas morn.

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Fitness ain’t a joke. It’s serious bidness and the more honest you can be with yourself as you’re doing your seated curls, the better results you’re going to get.

This particular sentiment is basically the recipe for a totally balanced life. Exercise hard, drink hard and do drugs hard. Then sleep for 36 hours at a time. Basically, that’s as good as it gets on this mortal coil. Why don’t you tell the world what you’re going to do. Why don’t you get some accountability with your new resolution. Why don’t you get the My resolution is to get healthier while still destroying myself with alcohol and drugs tshirt.

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Celebrate the season. Give thanks. Be with friends and family. Eat well. Drink well. Throw the football around in the snow. Play Sorry or Monopoly.

And, by all means, eat pumpkin pie and draw turkeys on construction paper with the outline of your hand. That, my friends, is a perfect Thanksgiving. Go and do likewise.

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Cinco de Mayo T Shirt

by on October 29, 2008

It’s never too early to get ready for Cinco de Mayo. You want to have this t-shirt in your closet, way before May rolls around, so you don’t even have to think about it when it’s time to go out and celebrate Mexican Independence and the United States’ finest contribution to the world’s gastronomical delight.

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