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Animal T Shirts: If the shirt features an animal and it’s funny or cool, it’s been reviewed here.

No idea what this means. I’m guessing that blue whale with the pipe is from some movie. The narwhal could be from Elf perhaps. Wait, where’s the “e” in narwhal? Something is missing. Then we have a done up unicorn with lipstick, necklace, and matching earrings, and a lovely blond perm. Actually, there’s no movie reference here, we just have a sweet little family portrait where the whale and unicorn went all inter-species with their relationship, and the result of their copulation, was a little narwhal, which has the whale body and the unicorn horn. I mean, where else did that crazy ass tusk/horn thing come from.

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Pugs Not Drugs T Shirt

by on August 11, 2011

I’m sure there’s a contingent about a million strong that own or simply love pug dogs. And I am equally certain that I would be doing those people a disservice if I didn’t do everything in my power to bring this Pugs Not Drugs t shirt to their attention. Don’t you agree? I mean you have to really have a heart for a dog as ugly as a smash faced pug. It has to be baked into the DNA, and once something grabs a hold of you at the cellular level there’s nothing you can really do but give in to your desires, such as buying every piece pug merchandise ever created on Earth.

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Harry Potter seems to have slightly loosened it’s death spell on the top visited page for the week slightly, leaving room for some other random stuff.

LMAO T Shirt

The LMAO shirt featuring Chairman Mao seems to have become a very popular shirt. Somehow it got picked up on Reddit, which send quite a few people to check that clever little ditty out.

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Jump on this right now!  You can get 15% off at Nowherebad when you use code GoApe at checkout. It’s only good through the rest of today (Friday, August 5), so you better hurry.

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Nice wordplay. That octopus has water wings and goggles and is playing with a beach ball. What you don’t see in this cute little scene is that when the octopus hits the ball it sticks to the suction cups on his arm and he can’t get it off. Kind of sad really. All creatures should have a chance to freely play with a plastic blow up ball without embarrassment and inconvenience. And, this is the message you are delivering when you wear this Water You Scared of T Shirt.

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Funny Shark T Shirts are awesome for one reason and one reason only. Sharks are badass. That’s why I have collected all of the best funny shark t shirts on the web on this very convenient page for your contented perusal. Enjoy. I was going to make a joke about the only time you’ll see sharks together, but it was going to be lame. A school of shark tees?

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Not  sure what that headline means. I think I was trying to grab some attention with a sensationalistic approach. Did it work?


Happy squirrel week! Wait! What? I thought it was squirrel week. I put my squirrel shirt on just for the occasion. I was planning on wearing it through Sunday, but my producer tells me it is actually shark week!

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It’s shark week so this Sharks are Jawsome T shirt is entirely appropriate to feature on t-shirt of the day. Hope you appreciate the synergy I’ve got going here with the nasty killer beasts of the sea. Basically, I liken myself to sharks because I never stop moving and shaking, finding you, my dear reader the best funny t shirts on all of the world wide Internets.

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Available in Men's and Women's Sizes.

I like this upside down concept in regard to Australia. It’s clever. And an upside down kangaroo is always something to see, which is why I give my five-star stamp of approval to this Australia The Land From Down Under T Shirt. Do you like this shirt? Have you been to Australia? Do you think of kangaroos, barbies, crocodiles, and that Sydney Opera House or whatever it is, when Australia comes up? What are you thinking now? Perhaps something like “will Booker ever stop asking all these inane questions.”

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Available in Men's and Women's Sizes.

This turtle reads poetry and listens to poetry on his iPod. And, he sips whiskey neat. And has an occasional toke of grass. And, his girlfriend is really skinny with bad posture and acne. And, they don’t have carnal relations. At least that’s what I assume when I look at this Turtle Turtleneck T Shirt. Do you think I nailed his M.O.

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I was so happy to see such a nice celebration of domesticity and the culinary arts. Chicken, delicious. Pot, my favorite is Le Creuset, and Pie…yumm…homemade apple pie or blueberry or pumpkin. I was starting to swoon with a warmed heart, then someone told me that this Chicken Pot Pie My Three Favorite Things T Shirt was celebrating marijuana. It took me a few days to see it, because I had grasped onto my interpretation, and it wouldn’t let go easily, but when it finally did I was sort of devestated.

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This is why you shouldn’t have a prejudice against fat people. Instead allow them into your circle of friends. You don’t have to be nice to them. They’ll be so grateful that you just allowed them in the group. Then, when you go on that group camping trip, fulfilling your dream of a threesome, and you hear some rumbling in the mess tent, you and the girls (guys) can run fully aware that the bear will grab Rodney, who will be a nice and juicy catch. You’ll smile despite the circumstances because your “let the fatty in the club” plan worked to perfection. And you love it when a plan comes together.

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