Unicorn, Blue Whale, Narwhal Whale Family T shirt

by on August 15, 2011

No idea what this means. I’m guessing that blue whale with the pipe is from some movie. The narwhal could be from Elf perhaps. Wait, where’s the “e” in narwhal? Something is missing. Then we have a done up unicorn with lipstick, necklace, and matching earrings, and a lovely blond perm. Actually, there’s no movie reference here, we just have a sweet little family portrait where the whale and unicorn went all inter-species with their relationship, and the result of their copulation, was a little narwhal, which has the whale body and the unicorn horn. I mean, where else did that crazy ass tusk/horn thing come from.

Get the Whale Family T Shirt right now.

Snorg Tees got the job done here and I almost missed the point, which would have been tragic, but I caught it on the rebound, and we’re all good. We good?

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