T Rex Epic Duel T Shirt

by on March 2, 2011

This is very hilarious. You have the most feared creature that ever walked the planet, meeting up with its own kind, and they’re probably fighting over a gambling debt or a woman T Rex, so it’s intense, but when it’s time to get it on it gets kind of silly because their arms are super short. It’s like a hand scratch fight. Maybe it goes in rounds. First it’s the goofy hands fight, and there’s a judge just outside of the picture, who determines the dinosaur with the best form and most impactful slap-scratches. Then, they move on to the bite chunks out of each other’s heads. That round doesn’t necessarily need a judge, because basically the first one to get a good chunk of head wins.

All I gotta say to these two is protect ya neck. Yo. You must get the T Rex Epic Duel T Shirt for one main reason. It’s awesome. 604 Republic did some overtime in the creative mind to pull this one off.

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