Superioritee: i > u Tshirt

by on January 29, 2010

I find the quick and biting humor, like a shiv to the abdomen, very satisfying. We have all the I heart stuff. And then all the knock offs with the transitive pictograph verbalizations…it gets a little much. It may be a little overplayed. Nonetheless, this is certainly a fresh take, because you are asserting your authority, your greatness, your superiority over all that come in your path.

And nothing is quite as funny as arrogant humor. So, I know after that balls to the wall, positive review of this shirt and the comedic concept behind it that you will not think twice about dropping the hard earned dollars in your too big to fail bank account on this little beauty.

Go get Superioritee: I > u Tee now. (Translation: I greater than you)

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