Superbad McLovin T Shirt

by on February 18, 2011

There cannot be enough versions of this McLovin T Shirt. Superbad was a great movie and the fake ID with the name McLovin scene was just an absolute gem. Everybody likes that shit and Christopher Mintz-Plasse was spectacular. On a side note, it looks like Mr. Mintz-Plasse turned 21 last summer, so he won’t run into the sort of trouble he got into buying alcohol in the movie. Can you imagine working in a liquor store these days, and he comes in. I would lose my shit, give away stuff for free, scream McLovin like 40 times, and probably get fired on the spot. Totally worth it.

Busted Tees has offered up this nice brown themed version of the shirt, which kind of matches the vest Fogell was wearing for his big party night.

Here’s the McLovin scene plus some:

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