Super Rare Limited Edition Design by this underground artist tshirt

by on April 2, 2010

I dig the shitty stick figure mouse and the phony Asian script in the speech bubble. Dude, it’s kind of crummy in that hip way. And, because some influencer dropped this artists name at a function, that said artist is now the shit in the hipster circles and the shirts are making the rounds.

Don’t worry, you’ll never be on top of this stuff. Of course, this hot artists designs will be co-opted by major corporopolisation and will soon be offering the designs to your gramma on the discount rack at Target, because the arc from hip to fucked out has been reduced from 10 years to 10 months. It’s just easier to give in and wait for the clearance rack.

Except for this Super Rare Limited Edition Design by this underground artist you’ve never heard of because you’re not cool t-shirt. This one you need to get right now while it’s hot with the horned rim New Yorkers. You see it’s a statement against the Other syndrome. And a plea for the Universal One.

What the hell am I talking about. Glad you asked. Basically, you need to marry a hillbilly, read the books of a Lesbian black woman, and watch Larry the Cable Guy movies. Then you’ll be doing time in the Universal Mind.

When it comes to art that resonates, Headline Shirts stands above all else.

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