Super Mario Brothers I Make It Hail T Shirt

by on March 14, 2011

Another Super Mario T Shirt that includes a little word play. If you don’t know like I didn’t until I took the requisite 4.5 minutes to look it up, the gold coins some Mario Brothers business that you grab up so you can be awesome at that video game. So, you can be a hardcore gamer. Conversely, making it rain is a phrase that means bringing in the business, or getting paid the money, or making it happen on a fiscal level. You can only imagine how awesome you are if you make it hail. It’s heavier. It’s harder. It’s ice chunks from the sky.

Get it? See what Snorg Tees has done here?

Go ahead and take that hard earned gold pile and push a little of it over as a barter for this I Make It Hail T Shirt.

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