Suicide Map Marker T Shirt

by on November 26, 2010

I guess I’m just assuming it was a suicide as one of the cops is pointing up toward the building that is right next to the chalk outline of the dead person, along with a smattering of blood from the head region. Looks like a jumper to me, but maybe he was pushed. That really is secondary to the story of this Online Map Marker T Shirt. The real story is how Google maps and Mapquest have seeped seamlessly into our lives. We use them all the time. They now show images from the addresses and aerial views. I basically know more about what’s happening in my household looking at Google Maps than I do just hanging out in the house.

This shirt is saying that now it’s also on top of crimes and violent episodes. You can check a box to see all the crime or deaths that have occurred in a particular neighborhood or street or address. Very macabre, but I’m sure very intriguing to a lot of people. Maybe you feel a weird vibe, bad juju ,walking down a certain street. Maybe you see a ghost on the corner of Broadway and Market. Go to the map, check the death box, and now you know if it was some paranormal activity.

Busted Tees is on to something, or maybe they are responding to something that already is something. Maybe I should spend an extra 15 seconds looking that up, but I really don’t want to. Please go ahead if you’re so inclined.

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