Studying Sucks, I Prefer to Gamble T Shirt

by on January 3, 2011

Welcome back from Winter Break student suckers. What’s that tuition over at that Ivy League institution. $50/K per semester. Gonna take a while at that law firm to pay that back, then maybe once you hit dead even you can stop doing that soul sucking work and do something for positive change in this dying world. What about it? Meanwhile, do whatever it takes to get through the schooling. If you do whippets and Bacardi every night, while watching every game on the NBA Pass, then you probably have a better chance at passing if you just pick all the Cs in the multiple choice test. What kind of testing is this anyway? Who takes that type of test unless it’s some type of standardized bullshit? Anybody know? I’m obviously a third grade dropout and have no real idea how schooling works, especially in this day and age.

Whatever, the Studying Sucks I Prefer to Gamble T Shirt is not for me. It’s for you, the student, from Snorg Tees, the purveyor of lovely apparel.

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