Star Wars It’s a Trappe Sextupel Ackbarsteinbier Monc Ale

by on September 18, 2011

You know the classic scene in Star Wars where Admiral Ackbar, who is a cinematic representation of the gay character in the comic strip Life in Hell, screams it’s a trap. This has basically become an Internet meme, so if you know what’s good for your reputation, then you probably need to pick up the It’s a Trappe Sextupel Ackbarsteinbier Monc Ale T Shirt. People will see that you know what’s hot, but that you prefer a slightly different flavor. Actually, that’s the secret to being in high demand by the sex of your choice.

Red Bubble does this thing where they feature artist’s work on posters and t-shirts, and this is thing you’re seeing here is that thing I just wrote about. They printed up a design by weRsNs.

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