Star Wars Double Han Solo Warhol T Shirt

by on January 22, 2011

This is just a cool looking shirt. Han Solo was always cool. Harrison Ford was handsome and he had a bit of caustic wit and he always did it his way. Combine that with a weird and so shallow he was deep Andy Warhol and you have an amazing collision of substance and style and pop culture. I almost feel like if too many people wear this Double Solo Warhol T Shirt it may create an pop culture vortex that will suck up any and all that enjoy movies, music, and television…and viral Youtube videos. Almost like the Second Coming of Christ, except instead of Christians being whisked away it’s entertainment addicts.

But, don’t let that prognostication scare you away from buying this offering from the best t shirt company in the business: Headline Shirts. It probably won’t go down like I said and if it does and you’re one of the Chosen few, well you’ll be floating up into entertainment heaven. Everything on demand. And, probably unseen footage of cool shit. And you get to meet the stars. And, other fantastic stuff I can’t even think of right now, because it is too mind-blowingly miraculous.

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