Star Wars Arm & Blaster The Standard of Authority T Shirt

by on December 27, 2010

What you have here is an esoteric Star Wars t shirt, which is kind of a rare thing.  They’re playing off the baking soda box and the Storm Trooper menacing authority garnered from their guns and ammunition (shout out Junior Murvin!) Whoever designed that baking soda box was a genius. The image with the circle around it is so immediately eye pleasing I don’t even know how to express it, and this Arm & Blaster The Standard of Authority T Shirt does a great job capturing that magic.

I’m not even a Star Wars geek, yet I’d still love to wear this shirt just because it looks great. That’s a testament to Snorg Tees doing (good) work.

What do you think about the concept and how it was captured in the design? Tell me in the comments. Please!

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