Star Wars Alderaan Five Day Forecast T Shirt

by on March 21, 2011

When you’re watching the local news and the meteorologist slash part-time corny comedian comes on and very soberly starts to give the weather, you know something bad is coming. What is it? Tornado? Blizzard? Hurricane? He comes on with his little pointer and starts flipping the slides and starts out normal 72 degrees and partly cloudy on Monday. 74 degrees and sunny on Tuesday. 15,000 degrees on Wednesday. Wait what. Yeah, 15K and we’re all going to die because the Death Star has this awesome green laser technology that can obliterate a planet in like 5.25 seconds.

Then, you panic. Then you do what you have to do in your last 48 hours. Make it right with your family and friends, and your God. Cross yourself multiple times…maybe even like 17. Eat a ton of Ding Dongs. Hit on all the 10s you run into as everybody runs around screaming and panicking.

This Alderaan Five Day Forecast T Shirt is pretty funny and I highly recommend you get it before the same fate befalls Earth, and it could if you don’t get this shirt from Snorg Tees very soon.

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