Standard Hugs Free: $1 Deluxe Hugs T Shirt

by on May 16, 2011

Another little switcherooni on standard gags. Free Hugs is a good shirt. Free Hugs on the front and slut hugger on the back is a good shirt. But, Standard Hugs Free Deluxe Hugs $1.00 T Shirt is quite spectacular. And, really, the purpose of all these shirts is to start a conversation, and what better way to start chatting up a chick than talking about paying for physical favors. It’s classy and there’s an 87% chance you wind up in the sack, and that’s if you have nothing else going that night. This shirt from Snorg Tees picks up the slack even when your quick wit, dance moves, and fine threads are just not there.

You’ll never have an off night.

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