Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels T shirt

by on December 5, 2010

This is a very nice play on words. You’ve seen the neon signs in the seedy part of town promoting Girls, Girls, Girls. This is a new scandalous fetish. People want to see shaved squirrels eating acorns, and they pay good money at the door. This isn’t the kind of thing you here on the evening news, and you don’t talk about it around the family dinner table. You have to run in certain circles to know about it.

Now, Headline Shirts has blown the thing wide open with this Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels Tshirt. Now, the question is “what are you going to do with this information?” Are you going to take a stand for common community decency or are you going to let the great United States of America continue to crumbling and rot from escalating moral decay. Your choice. The future is in your hands.

Just to make your choice a little easier. Here’s Motley Crue’s video for their hit song Girls, Girls, Girls:

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