Snorg Grab Bag $5.95 T shirts

by on January 13, 2010

Have you heard of this sweet, enticing, and exciting deal. You can tell Snorg Tees your size and tell ’em to send you sumpin’ sumpin’ out of the grab bag, and you will receive a wearable shirt that is either a discontinued design, or has a slight defect.

This is so mysterious and fills me with intense curiousity. What if they sent me that wizard playing football with just the tag ripped. That would be the best bargain I ever scored. Or what about chincillin’ with a little schmear on the front. What a great deal. Or how about one of those awesome shirts that have been featured in Tshirt of the Day, that Snorg foolishly discontinued. If I get one of those for under $6 bucks I’m jumping up and down hard, high and long.

Anyways, this is the most exciting $6 you’ll ever spend. So, go and buy a Snorg Grab Bag Tshirt. It’s a gas.

Snorg Tees leads the way to the Holy Land. Catch up.

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