Slow Ride Tshirt

by on February 21, 2010

Not sure if this is an AMC Gremlin or an AMC Pacer, but one thing is for certain: either way it is a stylish, lifestyle type of car. There are two slow rides. One is the purposeful, down the boulevard on a Friday night, gleaming, beautiful car, sweet rims, windows shakin’, and maybe some neon underbody lights below making your Escalade flow down the road. Slow…taking in the scene and letting the scene take you in. That’s a slow ride. Low rider.

The other option is trying to get your Pacer – that’s definitely a Pacer, the Gremlin had the sharp angles in the back, while the Pacer was a bubble – up to speed on the freeway, hoping 53 doesn’t cause to much of a slow down for the vehicles stuck behind. This tshirt is celebrating all those upper, lower class upbringings and the ridiculously bad decisions of our parents or grandparents.

Stand up and be counted amongst the shamed. Wear the Slow Ride Tshirt proudly.

Just don’t make the “my other slow ride is your mama” joke. Please.

Headline Shirts goes with the high brow humor every time. It’s intellectual, alternative, and penetrating.

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