Skull Balloons from De Bellemort

by on June 30, 2012

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This French outfit De Bellemort seems kind of fixated on death. Maybe they just have more of a natural relationship with the big unknown than us Americans. I’m guessing the “mort” in the name means death, so that kind of makes the whole death motif understandable. Okay, I just did some serious research and belle means lovely and mort means death in French. So we’re talking about a shop called something like Of Lovely Death.

I like this shirt featuring a girl holding balloons that are actually an assortment of skulls…mostly human, but there is a cow skull and some antlers. Pretty cool looking, though when the mom sees what the dad bought the child at the fair, she might be a little freaked out…one because it’s somewhat morbid and two, she’s probably thinking “how in the fuck are those skulls floating.”

De Bellemort looks like it’s a collective of artists that work in music and art, and it looks like they’re producing some very interesting designs.

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