Single and Disease Free T Shirt

by on January 27, 2011

You don’t see many ringer tees from Snorg Tees, but this is one, and it is terrific. You want to get all the uncomfortable stuff out of the way when you’re cruising bars or cruisin’ the boulevard looking for chicks. There’s always that trepidation…well he’s cute but is he single or married or with someone, and then, if he is single, is he clean, disease free, not dangerous to have an intimate encounter with. Once there’s that doubt it just makes it that much harder to hook up.

So, this Single and Disease Free T Shirt alleviates all of that confusion and questioning and roadblocks to getting’ it on. And, that is a terrific thing especially at the low, low price of a very handsome t shirt. Basically, get the shirt and get laid. Of course, you’ll be required to submit a recent STD test with your order, and a notarized affadavit attesting that you are indeed single and not married, or officially seeing anyone. This shirts don’t just go out to anyone.

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