Shuttledick Tshirt

by on September 19, 2009

shuttledick-tshirtImportant public service announcement. The World Badminton Federation has made a crucial change to the name of it’s most important piece of equipment. The shuttlecock is now the shuttledick. Obviously, this sort of change is not made glibly. There were many meetings of the Board of Directors and the important figures in the badminton world, and they came to the conclusion that they needed to make the name of the birdie less offensive to the modern sensibilities and obviously replacing “dick” with “cock” achieves just that.

The benefits of the decision was twofold in that the new name also appeals to the younger generation, which has become readily apparent from the latest survey conducted by the federation. So, it’s not often you get to break news of such monumental import, but today is that day and to commemorate please consider purchasing the Shuttledick Tshirt.

Thanks for your time and please enjoy a round of the greatest game with a short flimsy net, weak ass rackets, and a nipple looking dealio that this planet has to offer.

The Busted Tees is something to sees.

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