Shop Review: Red Bubble Pops With Creativity

by on July 14, 2011

Where has Red Bubble been all my life? Why has it been this long since I reviewed them? They’re awesome. Excellent artists make art and RedBubble puts it on t shirts, framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, calendars, and maybe white rodents.

But, in case you didn’t know, I’m into the t shirts, so let’s talk about Red Bubble’s tee collection, because it’s expansive and it’s great. Did I mention these are real artists dropping blood, sweat, and tears to produce eye-pleasing, brain-buzzing, heart-squeezing pieces that are then merchandised (in a tasteful way)?

And I hope y0u don’t think this stuff is pretentious, because I’ve been singing the praises of the real art. A lot of it is pop art, pop culture, funny stuff that looks cool.

Support the arts because it’s the right thing to do. Actually, screw that. Just get cool shirts, so you can look good. There’s not much more to it than that. And, you may get some bonus points somewhere for supporting artists…something to keep in your back pocket.

Here are the t shirt categories:

Funny  T-Shirts
Music T-Shirts
Vector (art) t-Shirts
Cute T-Shirts
Cartoon T-Shirts
Geek T-Shirts
Vintage T-Shirts
Robot T-Shirts

They also have a Featured t-shirts section and a top selling t-shirts section, in case you want to know what all the awesome people are picking up and wearing around throughout their kick ass days.

Did I mention RedBubble T Shirts are printed on American Apparel 100% cotton tee shirt stock? Well, they are and that’s cool.


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