Shop Review: Fibers Goes Beyond Keeping You Regular

by on October 15, 2011

Sorry about the sophomoronic humor in the header there. But, you know what. It’s honest. That’s where I’m at. 40 and on the brink of a mid-life crisis. Scatological humor is my bread and butter at this particular time. But, enough about me. Let’s review this Fibers site that sells a ton of shirts.

Have to be honest right here. Upon initial review of Fibers I thought it was another one of those Cafepress or Zazzle, create your own schwag with your own weak design sites. Obviously, those types of sites have their place, but that place is not on the Tshirt Groove review pages. However, moved by a force (call it what you will…God, Zeus, higher self, The One, Universal Mind, Frank Sinatra’s irascible ghost) I started to look a little closer at Fibers, and, yes, you can do your own design and customize shirts, hoodies and onesies, and, I think, wallpaper and car seat covers, but they also have a fine staple of designs ready for you to snap up.

I mean good stuff. Not just regurgitated designs that have been proven popular by the other top t-shirt sites. Really. I’m serious. I’ll say it loud and proud right now. Fibers has some great shirts. Okay, got that out of the way.

I’ll need to work through one more misconception. The name Fibers and that organic cottony-looking logo. I totally thought it was one of these eco-companies, whom I admire on a certain level, but not on the funny level. While Big Pharma Sucks is truth, it’s not really funny on a shirt, or in reality for that matter. But, again, digging deeper at the whispering behest of a higher power, I found that Fibers has a kick. Yes, one of their About Us bullet points is “Socially responsible and eco-friendly. Fibers donates a percentage of profits to support a variety of causes and companies.”

But, it’s not holding ’em back.

So, really. Check out this Fibers joint. Not sure where to start?

How about…

Pop Culture T Shirts

For example, this Ricked Rolled QR code is probably one of the most ingenious shirts I’ve seen in a while. Does it really work? There’s no indication that it does not, so I’m assuming it does.

Graphic Artist T Shirts

It looks like Fibers has teamed up with a lot of interesting graphic artists to pump out a pretty significant collection of very original designs.


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