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by on August 18, 2010

80s Tees is the best site for funny TV, movie, and music themed tshirts. No one’s even close. They have everything and they have a wider selection than that other site you want to check out. Want six different shirts featuring Zach Galifianakis from The Hangover? Got ’em. Going to opening night of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, get the shirts at 80s Tees. Like old school TV such as Friends, Seinfeld, and A-Team, the shirts are here. Need an infusion of new stuff from newer shows? How about Flight of the Conchords, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Jersey Shore, Big Bang Theory.

Plus, they have Doogie Howser, WHAM, Kid N Play, Chuck Norris, and Twister. Basically, everything you could possibly need. The only downside is that you do have to wade through some Care Bears crap, but, hey, everything worth having is worth paying someone to get for you, so tell your personal assistant what you want and have them go crazy.

I don’t how this group gets so many rights to print all this licensed material, but they do it right. In fact, they brag on their site that they have the best selection of Top Gun t-shirts on the web, and that, my friend, is truly something.

So, what’s with the 80s deal? I guess the founder of this outfit, Kevin Stecko, just likes the 80s. His bio on the site gets all sappy nostalgic about what he liked to do back in the 80s, but it really doesn’t go into why his site is called that. He probably wanted to start out all tight niche, and he saw an opening in the market for merchandise referencing the 1980s, so he went with it, busting out a run of Karate Kid and Ghostbusters shirts.

Is it cool that I’m making up the marketing history of 80s Tees? Are you still with me? Here is another thing I like about this company—the video:

That is a cool place, and this video basically shows you how to run a t-shirt company. And I need to get one of those shirt folders for my laundry duties. The video does bring up one complaint. Instead of tacking the shirts to the white board to photograph them, why don’t you show them in action? Preferably on a cute model. Pull Christine out of shipping and make her a star. Or perhaps Brian M.

Brian M. from 80s Tees

Finally, they are based in Mount Pleasant, PA, which I like to think is near where the Rabbit Run series of novels by John Updike took place. Come on, you recognize an American writing legend. You’ve read the Rabbit books. You mourned Updike’s passing. Right? Right?

And if the literary piece isn’t connecting, then you most likely have an affinity for towns known for their steel factories back in the day, which means you should probably buy tshirts from a company based pretty close to one of the U.S.’s most famous steel towns. Obviously!

80s Tees are afeatured prominently in The Hangover T Shirts page and the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World T Shirts page.


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