Shop Review: 6 Dollar Shirts

by on October 2, 2010

6 Dollar Shirts ain’t no joke. I’m not sure if they’re laundering money for the mob or helping the Columbian’s smuggle coke to reignite that market, but these people sell shirts for $6 each, thus Six Dollar Shirts. Wow!

And, guess what, they also have a special that you can take advantage of: 10 t shirts for $50. In case that $6 price tag was a little too steep for you, now you can buy in bulk and get that cost per shirt down to $5.

They also have a random $2.95 shirt. Basically, they’re giving these tees away, and the crazy thing is that they have some cool designs. It isn’t a bunch of garbage designed by your gramma, that all the people at the retirement community choke on their boiled peas laughing about.

Designed, printed, and shipped in Gainesville, Florida, which is also pretty unbelievable. I would think at that price, China was the only option for production and fulfillment, but it looks like they have local staff to pay, machines to run, and the whole bit, which takes me back to my first guess of this being some front for bigger schemes.

Anyway, doesn’t really matter to me, nor to you, because you can have a massively varied wardrobe with wonderfully nuanced humor at these prices. You’ll have a killer lineup, including…

Anti-job shirt:

Geography (famous places) shirt:


Jesus riding a dinosaur:


Hot YouTube stuff like Trololo, I like Twertles, and Double Rainbow:

And, of course, the ubiquitous chicken with a saddle (in other words – ride the cock):

I’m pretty sure you’re convinced that is certainly worth a look. Am I right?

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Rene March 29, 2013 at 5:26 pm

These shirts suck. If u buy a certain size it will shrink down to a size lower. Stay away and buy better quality.


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