Shock Shirt from Kill a Thrill

by on July 14, 2012

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If you’re into shock shirts then this design from Kill a Thrill is an answer to your prayers (to Satan). Check out the realistic blood splattered across the shoulder area. You will really look like you suffered a serious injury. Of course, the shock value is increased 83% if you can stay out of the sun for like 3 months, so you’re pale as an alabaster whale, so while you’re stumbling around wearing this tee (because you’re drunk as can be), you’ll really look like you have been violently injured, causing you to go into shock and lose a lot of blood. Come on do it. It’s a great ice breaker at parties.

And, apparently, many people agree because this shirt has its own Facebook fan page with 1854 likes. My oh my, what is this world coming to?

I kind of like that the shirt says “So What.” Like it’s challenging your sense of shocking imagery. It’s just blood. I’m still on my feet. So what about it. Let’s keep doing what we’re doing.

In related news, what’s a Thorrno you ask. Well it’s a Thriller, Horror and Porno movie mashup. Kill a Thrill, the crayzy German folks that put this gruesome shirt into the world, also seem to have a Grindhouse type sensibility when it comes to fake movie trailers.

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