Shark Juggle Shark Weld Shark Tricks Tee

by on October 9, 2009

shark-juggle-shark-weld-teeYou know this doesn’t happen overnight. These sharks have been stakeouts on these wanna-be Jacques Cousteau’s for months. They always say sharks are loners, but that’s a disinfo campaign to throw off documentarians like the pour soul in the cage of doom.

Really, sharks are very communal. They have gathering reefs where they let loose. Somewhat like the dances the Hasidic Jews do on a monthly basis.

Anyway, they all rotate jobs. I productive member of the shark community knows both juggling and welding. They start them off at a very young age. Thus, this grift is well polished and performed nearly flawlessly every time. It’s an astonishing little natural wonder.

Wait, is that a welder? Can you cut metal with a welder? Anyways, the smile on that performer is priceless, so you’ll need to get this Shark Tricks Tee faster than you can say shark snack.

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