Science and Math and Geeks and Nerds Are Hot This Week

by on August 19, 2011

I’ll tell you what’s hot these days…science and math. No joke. The following shirts have received all kinds of interest this past week:

Wanted Dead & Alive Schrodinger’s Cat T Shirt

Ah, nerdy quantum mechanics scientist humor. Gotta love it…if you’re a scientist or super nerdy person that likes to read stuff like Robert Anton Wilson this shirt is definitely for you.

I Squared I Keep It Real T Shirt

Get it? If you don’t you don’t need this shirt, if you do you’re a math nerd and, of course, you should really own several of these shirts: one for every week day perhaps.

If I Were an Enzyme I’d Be DNA Helicase so I Could Unzip Your Genes T Shirt

This is about as racy as science humor is going to get. Of course, if you remember Revenge of the Nerds, that one nerd had some sexual skills, so maybe I should pay attention when a geeky pick up line like this passes my way.

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