Saved By the Bell Slater Slayer T Shirt

by on June 15, 2012

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At first I was like “I did not know Christian Slater was a devil worshiper.” Then I realized that this shirt from Five Finger Tees was just a goof and that it’s the Slayer pentagram, and Slayer is one letter off from Slater. And, I’m totally kidding. I know that’s Slater from Saved By The Bell…I can already feel the venom in the comments coursing through the spidery red veins in my eye balls.

Wait, was Slater the Christian that died. There was two of them that were like bosom buddies. No no that was the Corey’s: Haim and Feldman.

Slater was the True Romance dude with that gravelly voice, and he very well could be slightly possessed by the devil.

I totally bungled this one. Don’t even listen to me.

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