Satisfaction Guaranteed I Guarantee You That I Will Be Satisfied T Shirt

by on February 2, 2011

This is one of those “says one thing in bold print, but means another in fine print” trickery t shirts. You’re a straight dude looking to score at the club. You have the Satisfaction Guaranteed T Shirt visible loud and proud. Girl takes a look and likes what she says and gets curious why you are telling people that satisfaction is guaranteed. Whammo. You’re in. She’s committed because she likes the look of you. You know she’s ready to play, and is interested in being satisfied. Now, you show her the fine print, which she thinks is funny and now it’s over. She’s in your snare.

Sometimes I think Deez Teez goes about designing these types of t shirts just like Zebco does fishing lures. Just keep tweaking the look, the formula, the shiny and fluttery bits.

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